Commercial WHMCS Plugins/Modules:

Our open source modules comes with no support. All sales are final as we offer open source modules.

Gold Inodes Monitor (Now Open Source!) - By Popular Demand - $47

Ever wonder how big web hosts maintains stability for their servers? One of the most important factors of keeping your servers stable is to monitor your customer's inodes usage. With this module installed you can avoid service interruption caused by huge accounts eating up your entire server's CPU and RAM resources whenever this account is performing a backup process.

All large web hosts are calculating and restricting accounts inodes usage, now you can do the same and have peace of mind of not having server slowdowns whenever one of your huge account is doing backup.


Gold Abuse Meter (Now Open Source!) - With Inodes Monitor Manager - $77

Gold Abuse Meter allows webhosts to automatically detect potential abusive clients and automatically send out warning notices to clients when a certain abuse meter treshold is met. Optionally, webhosts will also be able to activate the auto suspension system to auto suspend these abusive clients if their account reaches a certain abuse treshold amount.

Additionally, clients will be able to view their own abuse meter from within their WHMCS client area. This will add justification when the system auto suspend abusive clients, since they will be able to see all the abusive processes under their account which triggers the auto suspend.

With Gold Abuse Meter implemented on your WHMCS installation, having a stable server environment for all your clients is a true reality.


Gold CSF Firewall Auto Unblock (Now Open Source!) - $77

Are you utilizing CSF (Config Server Firewall) for your server's security defense system? Good choice! They're the best one out there, and it's FREE! You can now implement the strictest CSF firewall rules across your entire servers and you can sleep more at night.

With this module, power users (ones that are using a lot of simultaneous connections) which may be blocked by your CSF while they are working on their account can now automatically unblock themselves from within your WHMCS client area. This way, both you and your clients are secure and can have a peace of mind.

Additionally this module allows you to automatically syncronize your standard CSF rules across all servers, so you don't have to manually update them one by one, whenever you apply a new rule.


Gold Coupons- $17 (Now Open Source!)

Very popular amongs the "big boys" (big web hosts), yet rarely implemented across smaller web hosting companies. With Gold Coupons, web hosts will be able to offer their existing clients to buy Coupons (or virtual gift cards) at a discounted price.

This is very popular among big web hosts, simply because they know about marketing. Now it's your turn to implement exactly that. Encourage your existing clients to buy more services from you or refer their friends to buy your services using client issued coupon codes. All done from within your client's WHMCS client area.

Boost your sales and brand popularity by harnessing the power of your existing clients as your own marketing agent.


Free WHMCS Plugins:

WHMCS-cPanel Bridge

The name explains itself. Click on the link above to access the free plugin and use it on your WHMCS and Cpanel!

WHMCS-Free Trials

Provide Free Trial Hosting Accounts to your prospective customers through WHMCS. Account termination is automated.