Gold 24 Karat

All web hosting companies today are totaly focused on providing "features" to both their existing and potential clients. It is time for your business to stand out from the crowd.

Go an extra mile by providing your clients something that they did not expect. Something out of the ordinary. Rest assure, by utilizing this extremely powerful "plug in", your customer's loyalty will be secured once and for all.

Inside Gold 24 Karat Package:

  • 147 Turn Key Products HOT! - Provide your clients with TONS of turn-key-products for them to give away for free or to sell online on their website. By giving these turn-key-products to their website visitors, your clients will attract much more attention and visitors loyalty to their website. They can also use these extensive resources to learn how to build website traffic for their own website. Many resources on this turn-key-products are MUST READ materials for website owners. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL 147 SET OF PRODUCTS YOU CAN GIVE TO YOUR CLIENTS
  • Powerful Training Guides containing cutting edge methods on how to achieve success with their website. CLICK HERE TO READ ONE OF THE SAMPLE ABOUT ONLINE SPYING. So far we have made available 4 Step by Step Guide just like the one you read above, which consists of:
    • Step 1 - Development Strategy
    • Step 2 - Online Spying
    • Step 3 - Keyword Mastery
    • Step 4 - SEO Intelligence
    • Step 5 - Content Creation (Available Mid June 2009)
    • Step 6 - Video Marketing (Available Mid June 2009)
    • Step 7 - Social Networking (Available Mid June 2009)
  • More Personal Guide Resources will be made available soon and you will get free updates once they are made available:
    • Quick Success Blueprint
      • Fast Action Guides
      • Magical Auctions
      • Free Trial Offers
      • AdBrite Mastery
      • Yahoo Answers
      • Google Trends
      • Supper Affiliate
      • Ebay Trading
    • Skillset Training
      • Competitive Intelligence
      • Copywriting Mastery
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Traffic Generation
  • Website Success Partner List - We can give it to you right now. Click on this link to view the page resource which you can get for free to give to your clients.
  • Niche Market Ideas - We can give this to you right now as well. Click on this link to view the page resource which you can get for free to give to your clients.


See It In Action!

Visit our biggest client - check out their YouTube customer testimonials on their testimonials page. Go to their WHMCS and click on their Success Vault link!

With this plugin implemented you won't just win your customer's loyalty, you might win their hearts as well.