Gold Abuse Meter



  • Config Server Firewall (CSF)
  • VPS/Dedicated Server
  • WHM/Cpanel
  • suPHP installed on Apache
  • Gold Inodes Monitor (Optional - If You Want to Monage All WHM Inodes under WHMCS)

This plugin is extremely useful to help you run a hosting business with stable server environment.


  • Automatic Server Abuse Detection
  • Automatic Warning Notice Delivery to Potential Abusive Clients
  • Automatic Account Suspension on Abusive Accounts
  • Supports Unlimited Number of Servers to Auto Manage and Monitor
  • WHMCS Client Area Abuse Meter for Clients to Monitor/See Their Own Abuse Meter
  • Logs Every Single Abusive Processes Occured on All Servers
  • New: Inodes Monitor Manager (Requires Gold Inodes Monitor)


An existing Config Server Firewall installation is required for this powerful plugin to work. You can install CSF yourself for free. It takes about 5 minutes to install CSF and about 2 hours for you to configure it to your liking (since there are quite some variables to set). Fortunately, we will also provide you with a working standardized CSF config file for you to immediately use. This way, you can save the two hours trying to figure out all the variables that are available to set.

To see how you can install CSF, please visit CSF here. If you're still not sure how to install that, you can provide us the root access to your server and we can install CSF and configure it for it to work with this plugin for $25.

Once you got CSF running on your server, this is how it's going to work:

  • You define the "allowable" process limits for your users in CSF configuration
  • Each time a running process violate these rules, CSF will automatically send out an email to your specified mailbox. This is what CSF do.
  • This plugin will then collects all these alerts which are coming from CSF and store it all into your WHMCS database
  • It will then parse all these data and then pin point which clients are causing this alerts to happen
  • These data will then be available to both you (the web host) and the clients
  • Warning notices will automatically be sent out to both the web host and the client whenever to many abuse processes are occuring under one particular client
  • If you activate auto suspend on this plugin, the system will automatically suspend clients which met the auto suspend treshold, for example 200 abuse processes/day
  • Both you and your client will be able to view all these listed abuse processes, this will also justify you whenever your client is suspended, they can see for themselves all the processes which are violating your server rules.


Gold Abuse Meter Admin Configuration Area Gold Abuse Meter Monitor Gold Abuse Meter Process List Gold Abuse Meter Client Area


Below you can see the video on how this module will help you to pursue getting more clients, instead of spending most of your day trying to figure out which account is abusing your server and make your day to day operation a never ending misery. Take a look!

There is no screen shots since we prefer showing everything through video guide. If you are having problem watching the video above, please contact us through the contact us menu on top and we'll give you other video formats which you can play in your PC.


Questions & Answers

What Type of "Abuse" Can I Restrict to My Users and How Effective Are They?

This plugin is solely depended on Config Server Firewall (CSF) which is required to be installed on all the servers you wish to monitor/auto manage.

CSF will be able to detect if:

  • A particular user has a process running which is using above the memory limit you allow in CSF
  • A particular user has a process running longer than the allowed time frame you allow in CSF
  • A particular user has series of processes running all together at the same time, utilizing more resources than you allow in CSF (for example 50 processes run at once)
  • Other stuff which triggers CSF to alert you will be collected by this plugin. But the most effective ones are the three type above.

In live implementation, this has come to be very effective as from our own experiences, users who are listed on this abusive process lists are users who are actually abusing the servers.

Because "every time" a server becomes really slow, all we do is check up our Abuse Meter, see top top 5 accounts listed there and suspend them, this will restore server stability immediately. When you do that, the clients which get suspended will see the evidence for themselves and every time, they would have to agree that their very busy websites needs to utilize a higher level of hosting environment, such as a VPS or Dedicated Server.

With our new "warning notice" alerts, even the clients themselves, can see how their accounts are abusing the server, as it happens, before their account gets suspended. So they have to chance to try to fix things before it got worst. Clients will have the ability to check out their own abuse meter at ANY TIME from their WHMCS client area. This way you will always have a justification on auto suspension since they will see for themselves what triggers the auto suspension.

It has been very effective since I've implemented this system throughout our servers as they are now very stable because we would very easily pin point which account we need to suspend when things got out of hand on a particular server.