Gold Coupons




This powerful plugin will help you boost your sales and brand awareness through your existing clients. All "big boys" use this strategy to expand their hosting empire, you should too!


  • Clients can generate their own coupons and define their own coupon codes and the value for each coupon
  • Coupons work exactly like "cash" in WHMCS
  • You can define the discount rate for your clients to buy coupons
  • You can define a seperate discount rate between product/services and domain names
  • You can define which product, addons, and domain names which the coupons can be applied to
  • Option to restrict coupon system to clients which has an active hosting account only


With the Gold Coupons system implemented, your clients will be able to generate coupon codes from within their WHMCS client area. They can define the coupon code and the value of the coupon.

They can then use these coupon themselves to buy additional services from your company at a discounted rate or they can sell these coupons for other people to buy your services using these coupons.

For example, if you set your coupon discount rate to 20%, when existing clients generate a $100 coupon, it will only cost your clients $80, because they get a 20% discount. But these coupon has a $100 value, so they can sell/give this coupon to other people to buy products/services which has a $100 value.


Gold Coupons Admin AreaGold Coupon Client AreaGold Coupons Client Transaction History


Below you can see the video on how this module will help you to pursue getting more clients, by harnessing the marketing power of your existing clients. Take a look!

There is no screen shots since we prefer showing everything through video guide. If you are having problem watching the video above, please contact us through the contact us menu on top and we'll give you other video formats which you can play in your PC.