Gold Abuse Meter Documentation



PART 1 - Admin Area Installation

  1. Download your copy of Gold Abuse Meter from your WHMCS Gold client area
  2. Unzip the files and upload everything into your WHMCS installation folder
  3. Log in to your WHMCS admin area
  4. Go to UTILITIES > Addon Modules
  5. Click on Gold-Abusemeter
  6. Enter your WHMCS Gold license key there
  7. Follow the on screen installation guide and define all required parameters on the configuration page

The configuration page is self explanatory and should be very easy to configure. You need to define your WHMCS admin username and WHMCS admin password if you want to activate auto suspend.

Also, make sure the CSF mailbox, mailbox password, and mailbox mailserver is properly defined for this plugin to actually collect data from your CSF email alerts.


PART 2 - Setting Up Automated Cron Tasks

For your Gold Abuse Meter plugin to work, you have to setup cron tasks as you did with your WHMCS installation. Don't forget this, otherwise the plugin will not get any data feed from CSF.

The first line will run every day at 9:00 AM which will send out warning notices

The second line will run every day at 12:00 AM which will suspend abusive accounts (if auto suspend is activated)

The third line will run every 5 minutes, to collect CSF alert data from your CSF Mailbox and store it into the database.

VERY IMPORTANT: Change the part into YOUR OWN domain name where WHMCS is installed.

NOTE: If you wish to see how the data is gathered first, simply execute just the abusemetercron.php cron. DO NOT execute the abusemeteralert.php and abusemetersuspend.php on your cron job. This way, even if clients are categorized to receive warning notice, the system will not send out the warning emails.

You may implement the abusemeteralert.php and abusemetersuspend.php when you're ready to warn and even auto suspend clients.

PART 3 - Configuring CSF (Config Server Firewall)

Make sure you have installed CSF and configure it properly. If you need us to help you with your CSF installation (root access required), we can install it for you for $25/server.

Official CSF Website Here

How to install CSF yourself:

Once you have CSF installed:

  1. Login to your WHM, then go to Server Contacts > Change System Mail Preferences
  2. Set your root's mail to the mailbox which you set on "CSF Mailbox" Gold Abuse Meter configuration area. You can set it to


PART 4 - Integrating Your WHMCS Client Area

Now that the administration part is done, you would need to place a code in one of your WHMCS client area template files, for your clients to be able to see their own Abuse Meter process list. To do this simply cut and paste the codes below and paste it to any page which you wish the abuse meter button to appear.

We recommend placing it into your clientareaproductdetails.tpl file in templates/portal/clientareaproductdetails.tpl (if you're using the portal theme)

Just after:


Put this code:


You can use the sample stable CSF configuration ONLY and IF ONLY you are hosting regular websites in your servers. This CSF rules will not tolerate accounts which uses a lot of server resources AT ALL. Accounts or users who are using high server connections or CPU/Memory usage will be BLOCKED by CSF if you use the config file provided above. Use it at your own risk.

That's it! You're ready to go! If you encounter any problem please submit a ticket from your WHMCS Gold client area and we'll help you out. Enjoy!