Gold Coupons Documentation



PART 1 - Admin Area Installation

  1. Download your copy of Gold Coupons from your WHMCS Gold client area
  2. Unzip the files and upload everything into your WHMCS installation folder
  3. Log in to your WHMCS admin area
  4. Go to UTILITIES > Addon Modules
  5. Click on Gold-Coupons
  6. Enter your WHMCS Gold license key there
  7. Follow the on screen installation guide and define all required parameters on the configuration page

The configuration page is self explanatory and should be very easy to configure.

PART 2 - Linking in WHMCS

  1. Open up you WHMCS header.tpl file in your active template folder
  2. Simply add the coupons.php link on the navigation menus or where ever you want to promote your new coupons/virtual gift card system.

That's it! Enjoy and don't forget to promote your new coupon/gift card system to all of your existing clients!